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Visiting Sunset Blvd Plant Nursery

Jewel TuckerComment
Visiting Sunset Blvd Plant Nursery

Visiting Sunset Blvd Plant Nursery


Today I had the pleasure of visiting Sunset Blvd Nursery in Silver Lake for the very first time.

I wasn’t on the hunt for anything in particular — but I am looking to add more cacti and succulents to the mix. That’s exactly what I found!

The first thing I saw when I walked in was three large tables full of every cactus or succulent you could image (almost!)

The smaller cacti neatly arranged on trays waiting to be picked out while the large ones lined the perimeter.


One of the employees must have saw the look in my eye and handed me a box to fill up — which I did!

They even had some tongs handy so I was able to make my selection without the customary fist full of spines.

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I made my cactus picks and made a bee-line to the pottery.

Behold, every size and shape of terra cotta pot you could possibly need…and reasonably priced in my opinion.

They also have a really nice selection of glazed terra cotta pots in white and a bunch of colors!


Inside near checkout there is a really cool selection of African baskets and sun hats that I’m totally coming back for in the near future.

On top of having an awesome selection everyone who helped me was extremely friendly. The packed up my order with so much care and even offered to repot my new plants.

I highly recommend checking out this family owned nursery that’d been serving Silverlake since 1959.

Check out this post for a closer look at what I took home.