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Cactus Haul: What I got at Sunset Nursery

Jewel TuckerComment
Cactus Haul: What I got at Sunset Nursery
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If you read my last post I bet your dying to see what I picked up on my recent visit to Sunset Blvd in Silverlake…Check it out!


2” Crassula ‘Tom Thumb’

I really have a thing for this petite little version of my favorite succulent varieties — and by thing I mean I buy them almost every time I see one!


2” Opuntia miscrodasys / ‘Bunny Ear Cactus’

I don’t know about you but this is the cactus I picutre when someone mentions cactus — iconic much?


4 inch Unknown (Echinopsis?)

I’m unsure of the correct identification for this one but it reminds me of an echinopsis ‘dominos’ that I had AND it’s about to bloom. Maybe that will reveal it’s true identity?!


4 inch Disocactus flagelliformis / “Rattail Cactus”

I was so happy to find this reasonably priced rattail. I had a 10” pot of this but it was too challenging to fit in the car to bring to Los Angeles. Happy to have this one back in my life because they look so good hanging around!


4” Pachycereus marginata / ‘Fence Post Cactus’

Those margins! Quite classy if you ask me!


Kalanchoe ‘Silver Teaspoons’

Thought this pale vaguely velvety Kalachoe would be a really nice to break up the spikiness in the group!


And of course I little pot for each of these to grow into!

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