Jewel Tucker

ZZ Plant Care Basics

Jewel Tucker
ZZ Plant Care Basics

Hello my name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia 
but you can call me ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is loved for its deep green leaves that are so naturally glossy it is often mistaken for a fake plant. Best of all it can survive and continue to look healthy in conditionals that are less than ideal, i.e. extreme low light, forgetfully waterers. This is the plant to put on your desk at the office and forget about while it quietly freshens the air, looks amazing and asks for almost nothing in return.

Reasons to love a ZZ Plant:
— This one can survive almost anything using its rhizomes to provide moisture and nutrients during periods of drought
— It’s leaves are so green and glossy it almost doesn’t look real
— Grows well in low or artificial light

A word of caution:
— This plant is toxic to people and pets if ingested
— It contains calcium oxalate crystals that can cause skin irritation
— Handling the leaves is usually ok but consider using gloves if you have sensitive skin

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Water Provide a well draining pot and allow to dry thoroughly between watering

Give the plant a good soak every two weeks or when the soil is dry to the touch.
A well draining pot and soil are the way to go.

If over watering occurs you may notice the leaves starting to yellow.
When in doubt check the soil or skip watering, the plant will be just fine thanks to its juicy water storing rhizomes.

Provide bright indirect sunlight

Bright indirect sunlight is awesome if you’ve got it but low light won’t deter this plant from getting its grow on.
This plant can tolerate low light or artificial light conditions, although of course, it will grow healthier and stronger with adequate natural light.

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