Jewel Tucker

Spider Plant Care Basics

Jewel Tucker
Spider Plant Care Basics

Hello my name is Chlorophytum comosum

But my friends call me Spider Plant

The spider plant is an easy going house plant that uses its rhizome root super powers to survive in environments where there is sometimes drought — or where plant parents forget to water for a hot minute. An It’s all good mentality is the Spider Plant way!

A few other things they’re known for:
— Reducing toxins in the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide
— Being easily propagated by placing the baby spiders aka ‘spiderettes’ in water or soil
— Being non-toxic and is safe for people and pets


Spider Plant Care

Provide a cool spot bright indirect light.

Spider Plant’s will thrive in bright indirect light and prefer cooler temperatures so beware of placing them too close to a hot window. Partial shade can also work and will prevent the plant from getting scorched by the sun.

Let soil dry partially between watering days.

Let the soil dry between watering and give them a good soaking when the soil is moderately dry. Be sure to provide good drainage so it’s not standing in water - the fastest way to cause root rot.

If you ever un-potted a Spider Plant you’ll see their juicy translucent white roots. These roots protect the plant from drought by storing water making it a plant that is tolerant of forgetful waterers.


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