Jewel Tucker

Monstera Deliciosa Care Basics

Jewel Tucker
Monstera Deliciosa Care Basics
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Hello my name is Monstera deliciosa
some people call me Swiss Cheese Plant

So popular she has her own day of the week — #monsteramonday. I’m not complaining I could look at those heart shaped leaves all day! Monstera deliciosa is a beautiful glossy leafed angel of a houseplant with heart shaped leaves. Each leaf can range from entirely solid to completely full of holes, earning it the nickname Swiss Cheese Plant.

Things to love about the Monstera deliciosa:
— It’s huge heart-shaped leaves and their cheeky perforations
— A speedy grower who will delight you with new leaves often
— Not to hard to please but a total crowd pleaser

A word of caution:
Monstera deliciosa is toxic to people and pets, with the exception of its fruit which very rarely grows indoors.

Caring for Monstera deliciosa

Keep soil moist but not soaking wet

Water when the soil has dried a bit but not completely, the trick is to avoid soggy roots at all costs.

In the warmer summer months when the plant is doing the most growing it can handle extra water. The soil can be kept on the moist side but not soaking wet.

Allow for good drainage, a pot with holes and some peaty soil should do the trick.

Bright filtered light is ideal

Think dappled sunlight on the rainforest floor.
Avoid harsh direct sunlight or your plant may end up with a nasty sunburn.

In lower light conditions the plant will survive but will produce less new growth and you’ll need to be a little more cautious about overwatering.

Go the extra mile

— Help your plant thrive by being supportive, provide a moss pole and some words of encouragement.
— If you live in a climate with dry air Monstera deliciosa would love a quick spritz from time to time, or better yet a humidifier.
— As the plant matures it may send out aerial roots, kindly redirect these back to the soil.
— Wipe away the dust every once in a while and if you wanna be extra add a tiny bit of coconut oil for a little extra shine.

My Monstera deliciosa and the white cylinder pot are from  Mickey Hargitay Plants .

My Monstera deliciosa and the white cylinder pot are from Mickey Hargitay Plants.